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When talking about optimizing the meta description

As we have seen in recent weeks  , when talking about tags it is necessary.  To get your hands at least a little dirty with the HTML language. Most likely you use a CMS like WordPress to create the contents of your website and blog. Thanks to which you can build beautiful pages without knowing absolutely anything about the HTML language. To understand the cornerstones of SEO, however, SEO consultancy , no matter how valid, cannot be sufficient ; on the contrary, you need to have a basic understanding of this markup language.

You must therefore know that every page you create

Publish on the Japan Telegram Number Data Internet, written in HTML , contains its own title tag inserted in the “head” section of the page, enclosed between two  tags . We would therefore have a structure like this. This is my title tag  Simple, right? Therefore, the text string that you insert between the two title tags – or that you enter in the appropriate field of the Yoast plugin for WordPress – is shown to users on the SERP of the search engines , just above the URL and the meta description. Although we often don’t think about it, it should be underlined that the title tag is usually also the title that social media shows when you share web content.

Furthermore, unlike other SEO tags, the title tag remains unchanged in

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The vast majority of Latvian phone number database views implemented by Google , including those relating to Google AMP . How to find the title tag of a page? We start from the fundamental assumption that the title tag is not necessarily the title that is shown at the top of the page. As I already told you, this element is not necessarily displayed on the content page. But is instead shown on search engines and on any shares on Facebook. Twitter and so on. But then how can you find out what the title tag is of a page you are viewing online? Well, there are two methods.


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