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Creating and optimizing your robots.txt file is absolutely not

As complicated as it might seem! You will be able to create and edit this file in a short time, and you can be sure of publishing an efficient one after testing it on the appropriate Google tool . Now that you know everything you needed to know, I advise you to plan the modification of your robots.txt as soon as possible and thus give new impetus to the optimization of your portal !Here we are. Today we’re talking about the first thing your users see when they look for your content on search engines , the first element that helps you get (or lose) visitors after hours spent indexing a site . Yes, it’s exactly what every SEO consultant always carefully optimizes.

The timeless title tag ! In fact, it is impossible to think of effectively

Optimizing web Italy Telegram Number Data content without knowing the rules and techniques for creating an SEO friendly title tag. Today, however, I won’t just explain how to appear on Google with a “nice” title tag. No sir, here we will go much deeper: we will transform this tag into your new weapon, the one with which to conquer the much deserved visibility on the internet. Are you ready to go? Well! Get ready for some pretty chubby web consultancy on SEO title tags. In this article: What is the title tag? How to find the title tag of a page?

What is the difference between the title tag and the page title?

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Why are the title tag and  Kuwait phone number database tag sometimes different? How do you create SEO friendly title tags? Each title tag on your website must be unique Your title should contain your keywords – but don’t overdo it The SEO title tag should be short and informative The SEO title must be consistent with the content and highly descriptive Hamlet doubt: should the domain be inserted in the title tag? Your SEO title must be user-facing But how can you make sure that title tags, in addition to being SEO friendly, are also user friendly?


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