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Right-click the mouse anywhere on the web page

You can do it here too, right away! Right-click and select the “ View page source ” option (if you use Firefox or Chrome). how to find the title tag of the page with A new window will open, where the HTML language behind everything you have seen so far will be revealed, the code that gives shape and substance to this page. Well, now all you have to do is find the string between the two title tags . For convenience, I recommend using the “Find” function of your browser, so as to immediately locate the string you are looking for. how to find the title tag in the page source Found it? Well, now you understand what we are talking about today! Another way to view the HTML code of web pages is to add the following string to the .

To discover the title tag of a page there is another way,

Incredibly faster and less Korea Telegram Number Data cumbersome… so simple that, if I had explained it to you straight away, you would never have wasted time looking for the title tag in the source window! (Forgive me, but I really wanted you to get your head into the code!) To discover the title tag of this and all other online pages, simply place the mouse pointer at the top, on the tab of your navigation tab. how to immediately find the title tag of the page using the browser This works in browsers like Chrome, Safari, and Firefox, and even in Explorer, damn it.

What is the difference between the title tag and the page title?

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Why did I tell you that to Lithuania phone number database find the title tag of a page you have to poke your nose into the. HTML language – or, in an all too simplistic way, touch the tab of your navigation card? Wasn’t it enough to simply look at the title of the page. Those words typically written in a nice large font, placed at the top of the text? Lightning and thunderbolts, absolutely not! Engrave it well in your mind: the title tag and the heading tag are not the same thing. Try to follow me, because what I’m about to explain to you is one of the basic rules of SEO Copywriting . It must be admitted that yes, the content of title tags and heading tags often coincide. But they are NOT the same thing at all. The title tag is in fact composed as follows .


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