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Exacerbated by the fact that platforms like WordPress automatically create

The title tag by replicating the content used for the title of the post or page (specifically, the H1 tag). All this, obviously, to make life easier for users. So, have I managed to clear the fog at least a little? Unlike the Heading H1 tag, the title tag should be used to try to get clicks on search results. The title of the page on the other hand – always appropriately optimized – should be explanatory for your users. It is obviously good practice that the two elements speak the same language and that semantic co-occurrences occur in both, but never forget that tag title and H1 play two different games.

 An example of co-occurrence taken from The title tag ,

Unlike the page title, must Kuwait Telegram Number Data try to get clicks on the SERPs and increase visits to the site . title tag and h1 tag difference Why are the title tag and H1 tag sometimes different? Anyone who read my previous post on H1 tag optimization actually already knows the answer. However, a refresher never hurts, especially when talking about such important elements of on-page SEO. Discover the life, death and miracles of the H1 heading tag with the in-depth study: ” H1 tag optimization” First of all I have to tell you that even you, you who don’t want to get your hands dirty with HTML and therefore use WordPress or another CMS to facilitate the creation of content for the web, can easily differentiate the title tag and the  of your posts and pages.

In the case of WordPress, you just need to install

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The aforementioned Luxembourg phone number database and very popular Yoast SEO plugin, which allows you to conveniently . Control the main tags of your website. edit and optimize the title tag with SEO Yoast Well. Now that you know how to differentiate. The title tag and the H1 tag, it’s time to explain how, when and why you should do it. This operation is certainly not mandatory: these two tags can in fact always be left the same, as preset by WordPress. And yet it must be said that.


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