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The search engine  on its own initiative can choose to return to

The user a preview that has nothing to do with the one set by us , instead fishing for some “random” phrases within the content real. Why does this happen? Well, first of all it should be underlined that the choice of who founded Google is not at all random – you don’t think that Mister G can do anything that isn’t ordered by infallible and ultra-rational brain-based algorithms , do you? No, Google chooses not to use our meta description in all those cases in which it finds something more relevant in our text than the search carried out by the user. Clear? In the article dedicated to Rank Brain I have already talked about how artificial intelligence has entered the heart of algorithmic positioning calculations. Haven’t read it yet?

Rank Brain, get to know Google’s brain and position yourself at

The top of search Poland Telegram Number Data engines! Does the meta description directly influence page ranking? Before continuing, I must underline that no, the meta description does not directly influence the ranking of the page and, unlike what we hear online, it does not even help you index a site . No, wait, don’t fall into despair, you are not reading this post in vain: I said that it doesn’t do it “directly”, I didn’t say that it doesn’t influence him at all. This tag always remains a very important element of on-page SEO , that is, your optimization of your page. But then, how does it affect the ranking of your page?

We have understood that everything we write in the meta description

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Follow me, I’ll explain Netherlands phone number database it to you right away.  Tag is not used by the search engine to decide positioning. In short, the algorithms of Google , Bing and co. Do not use that information to decide whether to put that content on the first or eight hundred and twenty-second page of their results. On the contrary, however, the title tag is used for this very purpose. But how does the meta description have an impact on . SEO and therefore also on positioning? Well, we can say that the meta description indirectly influences ranking starting from the user’s use of it. It should in fact be underlined that a well-written preview created with the user in mind . Encourages many clicks , and this positively influences the search engine . Did you perhaps think that Google didn’t care at all about how many clicks your page gets?


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