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Everything you need to know about optimizing the meta description

Don’t worry, in a matter of minutes all your doubts will be just a thing of the past: in this post, in fact, I will tell you . You will see that your website – and therefore also your business – will only benefit! Now, what is the SEO meta description? Let’s start from the bottom and give a quick brush up on SEO theory. As you surely know, every page you can see online is composed of a source code in HTML , a language that is read by the browser, which gives us users a pleasant and user friendly interface . Here, the HTML code does not only contain the contents that we see online, but also many small invisible parts, what we call meta tags .

There are the title tag , the various heading tags and yes,

Even the meta Philippines Telegram Number Data description tag . In very simple – or rather, dry – terms, this tag reports the text which in most cases appears as a preview of the page in the SERPs of search engines . Seo optimization meta tag description To see the typical form of a meta description in HTML , just view the page source of any web page (with a right click of the mouse, so to speak) and search for the tag. Here is an example: What is long tail ? In this post I will explain the potential of long tail keywords, I will show you the tools for finding these keywords and above all the methods for identifying the most effective long tail keywords ! Take advantage of the long queue !

The text contained in the quotation marks corresponds

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To what will actually be Panama Phone Number Database displayed by users on search engines . Not always, but I will explain this to you in a moment, let’s stick to the “classic” cases for now. So, in summary, for each search result Google shows: the title tag of the page . The URL of the page the meta description of the page possibly, immediately below the meta description. Further internal links to the site related to the user’s search. Hey, do you want to know more about SEO copy? Read my in-depth study on SEO copywriting ! When and why does Google NOT use our meta description? If you are a particularly attentive user or a sufficiently meticulous SEO consultant. You will probably have noticed that, even if duly provided, Google sometimes does not use the meta description .


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