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Mister G’s ears are always pricked up to find out what his users actually like

For this reason the search engine analyzes the CTR (i.e. the click through rate , the percentage of impressions that lead to a click) of each individual page to understand what attracts users. Do you understand what all this means? It means that writing effective meta descriptions is equivalent to persuasively inviting users to click on your content… which, in addition to leading you to direct visits, increases the CTR of the page, which can thus aim to improve its position on the SERP . In short, two birds (but also ten, one hundred, one thousand) with one stone! Be careful, however, as you absolutely must not disappoint your users’ expectations: you can’t promise heaven and earth with a fabulous meta description if your content isn’t up to par.

In fact, Google doesn’t just look at the CTR ,

Also at how long Qatar Telegram Number Data visitors stay on your pages. In short, if your users run away as soon as they open your page you certainly won’t be able to enjoy preferential treatment from the search engine ! The meta description for Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) results Google AMP results behave exactly the same as standard results. How long should a meta description be? Until some time ago, the answer to this question would always have been “less than 160 characters”, at least as far as Google was concerned.

Starting from December 2017 , however, things have changed

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Didn’t you notice? Well, the Paraguay Phone Number Database world of SEO is always full of surprises and in fact . Google has recently changed the maximum length of the viewable meta descriptions . No longer 160 characters, but double: 320 characters . What should we understand from this change? In fact, we might think that Google has started to appreciate long meta descriptions. Perhaps to better understand what a web page contains and evaluate it better. But are we sure? Personally I believe that this is an excuse to give more and more space to Google Ads ads to the detriment of organic results . How can you tell if your website’s meta descriptions are too long or too short? Your site most likely has a good number of pages. Maybe you even have a blog populated with lots of interesting posts, which you’ve written regularly for a long, long time.


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