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Different URLs based on the landing path on it

Call mom You intervene Since option 1 doesn’t seem entirely appropriate to me and since option 2 could cause strong tremors in your phalanges, know that there is actually a third solution. Rely on a specialist who, with a firm hand, solves the problem in a way clean, precise and tidy. Different URL In any case, here are the steps to follow: Choose one of the two pages and make it the canonical version by inserting the string consider most important and which could help you increase visits to the site . If you don’t care which page to prioritize, simply choose the page that gets the most visits and has the most links . Based on the example above, if your choice falls on the shorter URL like then the other URL will have to link to the first one as I just showed you.

It will be like having merged the two pages into one,

But only from the search engine ‘s Iran WhatsApp Number Data point of view . This is what we can call a “soft redirect”, which remains invisible to the user . Please note,  Links received in the past from both URLs now count as pointing to the same page with the same URL . Is it better to do Redirect 301 or Canonical. This and many other doubts may pop into your mind when faced with duplicate content . Different URL What is best to do when you are unsure whether to redirect or set a canonical . In general, the choice must fall on the redirect, unless there are technical reasons that advise against doing so.

Final thoughts In this short guide

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I told you about the importance Belarus phone number database of the attribute in the context of excellent . SEO optimization of your site. Interventions of this type are fundamental if your goal is to obtain good positioning on your web project. Different URL Only by tidying up and allowing the site to communicate as . Best as possible with search engines will it be possible for you to obtain that return in terms of visibility for your business, e-commerce or brand which . Then turns into new customers and conversions. And what are you waiting for? If you’ve never “canonicalized,” don’t you think it’s time to start doing so. By applying this guide you can get the desired results.  But if you don’t have the nature of a geek then don’t waste any more time and contact an SEO expert .


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