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Voice search in-depth analysis of SEO

. Yes, you understood correctly, we are talking about Voice Search, that is, all those searches on search engines that are carried out through vocal queries that every . SEO expert should take care of today since it is still possible to play with a minimum advance payment. Therefore, you don’t need to type anything. Just say your query, and the search is carried out. The world, in fact, is filling up with software, apps and devices enabling Voice Search: we are talking about Google Assistant, Alexa, Google Home, Amazon Echo, Cortana, Siri and so on. voice search seo in-depth analysis But why should all this play a role in your current and future career as an SEO consultant .

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Optimize your site for mobile Iraq WhatsApp Number Data devices Protect your users with . HTTPS (obviously) Other important factors to optimize your website for voice searches . Conclusions Why should you start thinking about optimizing your website for Voice Search? Let’s start from why your SEO strategy must also take into consideration the presence of Voice Search. I could quickly get over it by saying that it’s just the way it is, as Voice Search has, in some way, an influence on SEO . But I don’t do it, partly because when it comes to search engine optimization I like to dwell, partly because talking about influence, for now – in Italy – is still a bit of an exaggeration.

The volume of voice searches in our country,

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In fact, is not yet enormous, but Belgium phone number database it is destined . To grow, and not even a little. Looking wider across the globe – in 2017 there were a total of 33 million voice-first devices. SEO voice first research stats In the . United States, 71% of users aged 18 to 29 use voice searches, and 59% of users aged 30 to 43 do the same. Again to cite significant numbers. ComScore wanted to shoot high, stating that, in 2020 (in a year and a half!) 50% of searches will be carried out through Voice Search.


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