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To solve one of the main SEO problems of many sites

In e-commerce , for example, duplicate content problems are commonplace, but are often solved thanks to the canonical element . When similar content is present on a site there is in fact the so-called risk of cannibalization . This means that the search engine may not show the desired resource in the search results. canonical url in e-commerce Are you sweating cold? Don’t worry, now let’s go into a little more detail to understand how to do a good optimization and solve the problem. In the end it’s nothing transcendental. Keep reading, I’m sure you’ll like the topic and you’ll find an effective way to entertain your neurons for another 5 minutes, are you up for it.

The SEO benefits of  Canonical In all cases where you realize

That you have two or more URLs Indonesia WhatsApp Number Data that are too similar on your site, intervening with the rel=canonical element can greatly improve your SEO. The search engine will finally know which version of the URL is “canonical”, reducing the risk of confusion. At that point all links pointing to different versions of the URL will be recognized as links to the main version, identified by the rel=canonical attribute . In short, a bit like how it works with 301 redirects , but without carrying out a real redirect. How does it work in practice? Think about the case where you are presented with several choices for a product URL : canonicalization means choosing only one . In most cases the choice is simple. There will always be a URL that represents the best solution compared to the others.

In other cases the choice may not be so obvious,

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Who cares! Just choose one. In the Bahrain phone number database  presence of multiple similar or even identical pages, not canonicalization will always be a worse choice! How to set the canonical URL Now let’s get to the point with a practical example. Think about this case: you are faced with two versions of the same page, both versions have 100% identical content . The only difference could be that the pages are located in . Different sections of the site and, for this reason, the background and menu are different. Both versions of the content have received links from other sites. This indicates that the content is valuable , but which version should search engines show in the SERP ? For example, let’s see the case of two URLs like: attribute will be most useful to you, and it’s also the most common of all. Many e-commerce sites have problems of this type. A product page can have a bunch of.


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