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Where you will find the pages it should index

How to index a site by sending a sitemap Minute . At this point you need to check if the number of pages is correct. Does it match everything you want to index? check pages indexed on Google As you can see in the example above, only a portion of the site’s URLs were actually indexed. Where are the others? In this specific case these are system pages deliberately omitted  later I’ll show you how to omit some pages from indexing .But if in your case you find non-indexed pages that, on the contrary, you would like Google to index, well, you need to ask yourself some questions and give yourself some answers, don’t you think? So what should you do when the pages just don’t want to be indexed? Stay here, I’ll tell you now.

Duplicate content certainly doesn’t help you index your pages!

First you must ALWAYS check Spam Number Data that the page to be indexed does not contain problems attributable to duplicate content (a classic case). To do this, the tool I recommend is called Siteliner.com. Enter your site’s URL in the search bar and press GO! tool to check the indexing of your site .Once the page has loaded you must move your gaze to the bar on the left, where you will find the “Duplicate content” item. Here you can check the percentage of duplicate content found on the entire site. This percentage should never exceed 5%. If this is not the case you need to understand where the problem lies – quite often the culprits are those blocks that are repeated in the layout of your main theme.

The one that in short generates the pages you want to index

Special Data

How to index a Polish WhatsApp Numbers Database website correctlyIf this is your case.  Find the duplicate content and remove it, or at least significantly modify it, for example by replacing the text with an image. Golden rule  Indexing is the opposite of duplicating . To free the pages you want to index from duplicate content by replacing . The image blocks you can use a small and interesting plugin for your browser.  NIMBUS  Let’s say this yellow box below, now pure HTML. Contains the duplicate text that is compromising the pages you want indexed. Hey Hello! I am a damn widget that repeats itself on every page, I contain a lot of text and I contribute, together with other widgets like me, to increasing the percentage of duplicate content on the site.


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