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As you will now see however, there are some small precautions

To which attention must be paid since they could undermine or, even worse, complicate this natural process implemented by Google and other search engines such as Yahoo , Bing etc. Do you want to index a WordPress site ? Do you want to index a Joomla site ? Change little or nothing, here’s how to do it. To index a site you must distinguish between indexing and positioning This is a key point: index a site or rank one? Trust me when I tell you that you can’t index your site correctly if you don’t first know the difference between indexing and positioning. index google site By “indexing” we mean the activity of insertion into the search engine index , and this activity has nothing to do with positioning.

Indexing is in fact a process of scanning and inserting pages into the index

Only after that moment Rich People Number Data will the search engine assign a positioning for a specific keyword . If you want to delve deeper into this aspect, I suggest you read the step-by-step SEO guide . Inside you will find all the most important SEO principles, including the most important ranking factors . Hey, let’s be clear you will never be able to rank any site if you don’t first understand how to best index each of its pages. Right now Google is there, intent on indexing your pages correctly. But have you already checked if you’re missing any? Index a site with Google AMP content If you’re wondering how to index a site with Google AMP content , there’s good news: you won’t have to do practically anything.

The Google AMP protocol does not require the sending of a sitemap

Special Data

Specific reporting Philippines WhatsApp Number Database procedures. The crawler will , in full autonomy, find and index the AMP pages on your site. Want to learn more about Google AMP and how it can help make your pages super fast ? Read the article. Google AMP, why you should use it even if you are not a journalist Check your site’s indexing on . Google in 2 minutes It often happens that. Even though you have submitted the entire sitemap, Google does not want to index it completely. It takes 2 minutes to check, here’s how to check if Google is managing to index your entire site: Minute 1: First you need to open your Google Search Console account and click on the left bar.


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