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Well it means that in certain situations

All the time and money invested may have been for nothing. Well, I’d say I’ve mistreated PBNs enough. Now your desire to prepare one should be at an all-time low, right? So, finally, we are ready to open the second part of this post. PBN, the advantages That’s right, now we’ll talk about the benefits of Private Blog Networks. Now that I’ve thoroughly scared you about PBNs, I want to give you three excellent reasons why you should take them into consideration in your SEO strategy. Benefit 1: Control Control is important, in any situation. When it comes to SEO and link building, it is truly essential.

Think about what it means to have total control over your backlinks:

You can decide the Poland WhatsApp Number Data anchor text and destinations, and you can test every single combination. No, no other link building technique offers you such possibilities. And there’s more. Think about the worst case scenario: imagine that Google decides to penalize your site. By having full control of your links, well, at the very least you will be able to remove the links that Google has identified as “bad” and have the penalty revoked. With links coming from a site outside your network this would be completely impossible. Benefit 2: The authority you’re looking for Anyone who has already managed blogs or websites knows very well how difficult it is to receive links from sites with a certain authority.

With the PBN technique, however, you can purchase long-standing

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Human relationships be Croatia phone number database damned, you can remain a lonely nerd Ok, put like that it looks really bad. In fact, let’s be honest: so she’s decidedly ugly. But it’s also damn true that this technique frees you from wasting time building relationships. You won’t have to look for partners online, you won’t have to waste time writing guest posts, you won’t have to sacrifice evenings with friends to frequent online forums in your niche… in short, you won’t have to waste time building relationships with the aim of accumulating links for your site. Your zombie sites will give you the links you need. How to include a PBN in your SEO strategy Well, now you know all the pros and cons of PBNs. At this point you are certainly wondering if there is a valid solution.


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