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The time required even just for this first phase

.  Also because most likely 29 out of 30 sites you set your sights on will be rejected . One fact above all to make you understand what we are talking about: it would be useless, or almost useless, to purchase domains with a Domain Authority (parameter obtained with the Majestic tool) lower than 15. Well, just by looking, you could spend about ten hours just to identify and then purchase the 10 domains. But then you will also have to fix them, put them back online and develop them by creating ad hoc content . Don’t take this step lightly! Here, in fact, you will have to take care of hosting services, write new content in line with your needs, install plugins, make some graphic changes to make them look like normal sites and even create social accounts to give a semblance of reality to your PBN.

Even if you were very fast,

My opinion you couldn’t New Zealand WhatsApp Number Data get by with less than 4 hours for each site (now more, now less). So, in total, we ended up with about 50 hours to have 10 websites at your service. And this calculation is valid at best, so it doesn’t take into account problems or setbacks of some kind at the host level. But I want to be optimistic. On our plate, now, we have 1,500 euros of living expenses and 50 hours of our work. I mean, not a lot, right? We are therefore talking about potentially very, very important investments. Before doing them, well, I suggest you carefully calculate the ROI (Return on Investment) and the ROT let the numbers speak Ok, let’s assume that.

I want to position myself in the top positions for the keyword “headhunters Rome”

WhatsApp Number Data

Let’s assume that Chile phone number database this keyword attracts 3,000 searches per month. Let’s also assume that, from a first quick analysis of the competitors. The sites that appear on the first page for this search boast an average of 90 linking root domains. What does this analysis tell you? Well, first of all it tells you that that keyword certainly has value. But it also tells you that, to aspire to the first page, you should aim to. Have around 90 domains pointing to your website (by the count). It’s not an exact science . We’re still talking about Google’s inscrutable algorithms , right? But it is also true that if you wanted to get to the front page using mainly your PBN you should be able to count on around ninety sites, more or less. That’s right: you should locate, purchase, develop and customize 90 expired.


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