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That you too have seen how expensive the adverts are… moreover, as if that wasn’t enough, the large multinationals are waging war on each other with ADS, with the result of completely excluding you from the games! Returning to the topic of mobile, nowadays you might think that implementing a responsive layout on your website is sufficient to optimize your site on smartphones and tablets. It all seems simple, right? You get a theme, install it, and you’re done. In reality, however, that’s not all. The master’s touch is another, it’s called Google AMP … and I have more than one reason to believe that you will rush to implement it immediately after reading this article of mine! A quick look at Google Trends is enough to understand that.

Google AMP pages are an important phenomenon

That deserves attention. amp Female number data pages: how to use them for SEO Today your users need usable, well-formatted and above all fast websites. Google AMP pages can give you exactly this magic, at practically no cost. Google AMP’s slogan is “speed matters and instant is the ideal” . Since its inception, our favorite search engine has always stood out from its competitors for its performance and performances, but when Lerry and Sergey founded Google all this could only be pure science fiction! Read more about the founders of Google in the article: Who founded Google The idea that Google AMP optimizes pages practically automatically is a significant advantage, and in fact publishers are extremely satisfied with it.

Publishers who use Google AMP and are enthusiastic about it

Special Data

In an investigation Swedish WhatsApp Number Database conducted by Search Engine Watch it emerged that. Washington Post increased mobile traffic from returning users by  increase in unique visitor visits month over month . Gizmodo saw new traffic from AMP pages and increased impressions . Wired increased CTR from search results by .With ad CTR in AMP stories growing by. What are Google AMP pages? The term AMP is the acronym for “Accelerated Mobile Pages”, or “super fast pages for mobile”. And it must be said that the Google AMP project, launched by Google on October 7, 2015 . Lives up to the promise of its name. amp pages. The accelerated moble pages project Google itself states that AMP pages . Load 4 times faster than traditional pages , using 10 times less data”.


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