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Although it is not explicitly stated that the Google AMP

You will understand well that having a light and super fast site is a key factor for positioning. It is no coincidence that it has been established that at this moment Google AMP pages are preferred over almost all mobile keywords. amp pages on desktop desktop result amp pages on mobile same result from mobile As you can see, on mobile the preferred choice is always Google AMP. Google AMP can help you improve your website’s ranking In the examples I gave you above I showed news websites, so I guess at this point you might be wondering: are Google AMP pages rewarded even if you have a blog and not a news site?

In my opinion the answer to this question is YES

Let’s take for example EBay Number Data the keyword ” SEO guide” , for which I positioned the article: 2017: SEO Guide & Ranking Factors. amp pages: chartAs you can see this word has an upward peak corresponding to the period 01/04 – 01-05. Without prejudice to the fact that correct indexing and SEO optimization are the basis of a result like this, I cannot deny that the page has undergone a boost precisely in .Although it is not  correspondence with the optimization with Google AMP . Since we are talking about entering the top 3 on a very competitive key, this fact does not seem secondary to me at all. Do not you think? TIPS: How to index Google AMP pages In the article “ +16 things to know if you want to index a site like an SEO would do ”.

I already told you about the fact that Google AMP pages do not require

Special Data

A particular sitemap. In any Swiss WhatsApp Number Database case. Once implemented correctly, in my opinion it is good practice to send the pages to the Google index . I talked about this operation in the same article, when I explained how to index a site . Returning for a moment to our case study.  If we carry out a mobile search it is clear that ours is the only.  Google AMP page present on this SERP. Although it is not A plus that . Google has certainly not ignored. pages amp serp results So can. Google AMP pages only help news sites? I do not think so. Today users are increasingly demanding, they require fast and usable content. Implementing Google AMP pages on your website can only take you in that direction! Considers that.


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