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The 4 pillars of a well-done SEO strategy

So yes, this SEO strategy is clear and I am sure that, once you get to the bottom of this long guide on the overall SEO optimization of your website, you will have truly understood everything and will finally be able to start Growth Hacking your website. As for implementation, well, there will certainly be some difficulties, but they will not be linked so much to technicalities that are difficult to digest or to SEO copywriting , but rather to our innate laziness. This is why this SEO strategy, in the operational sense, goes beyond mere activities useful for indexing a site . I repeat it once again because I want to prepare you.

Here they are: Satisfy your users Meets search intent

Create your network Russia WhatsApp Number Data Optimize again . Will you believe me if I tell you that these 4 pillars, one in a row, have already guaranteed the success of most of the websites you see at the top of Google’s SERP today? I’m not talking so much about the enormous international giants who can count on forces that neither you nor I can imagine. I’m talking about those companies that, by putting a lot of effort into optimizing their portal, have come to excel over all the others in organic search, even on extremely competitive keywords. If you’ve always wondered how the hell they did it, well, this guide will give you the answer you’re looking for.

 Satisfy your users To decide where to place your website,

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Google looks at a lot of things, your title Danish phone number database tags and meta descriptions . The length of your post, links and a bunch of other things. But do you know what Google has learned to look at more than anything else? Come on, I’m sure that if you’ve read my SEO guide you’ve already got half an idea. I’m talking about user experience. For this reason, the first pillar of our SEO strategy is to try to respond to every user need. The concept is simple: Google offers a service, and it wants it to be the best service possible. Ergo, it wants the results returned to users to be perfect and consistent with their search . In short, it wants to put the best content at the top of the results pages.


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