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Your site must be mobile friendly

The SERP satisfies the user’s search intent. If someone enters the words ‘ how to paint an old wardrobe ‘ into the Google search bar , there must actually be content that explains how to paint a used wardrobe – but we’ll talk more about this in the second chapter. Here, however, we talk about how to satisfy the user , and this must be done immediately, very immediately. Recent studies show that we have very few seconds to make a good impression on a user: at first glance, visitors understand whether or not a piece of content is right for them, and are ready to immediately abandon a page that doesn’t satisfy them.

On average, online users abandon a page every 20 seconds

Well, in those 20 seconds Saudi Arabia WhatsApp Number Data we must be able to convince them of the quality of our content, the quality of our brand and our attention towards them in order to make them stay longer… and also make them come back! Here too the basic concept is quite simple and it doesn’t take a genius to understand it. The longer users stay on your site, the more likely they are to be converted and therefore to purchase your products or services, to register on the portal, to agree to receive newsletters and so on.

The longer a user stays on a web page,

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The more involved and Ecuador phone number database attracted he is by its contents ; the more interested he is, . The more likely he is to accept your business proposal. These are the true basics of web marketing, the ones that everyone should consider before throwing themselves headlong into managing a company website. But hey, what does all this have to do with our SEO strategy? What does the permanence of users on our site have to do with organic positioning? Simple. As we said, Google wants to understand which contents are the best and, to do so  . Takes the sincere, real and spontaneous opinion of users into very high consideration.


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