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Here, now you can start wondering which queries have a low CTR

.Here we are?  Then go to Google and check – with the same search query – what preview results in your snippet. Look at it carefully, analyze it, evaluate it, in short, weigh it properly: that is the text you need to optimize. Meta description optimization But why did I tell you to go to Google to check your preview, and not directly to your CMS ? Because, if you remember well what we said above, those two sentences placed in the Google SERP under your title tag may not correspond to your meta description. In fact, it could be an excerpt from your text. Be that as it may, now you absolutely need to optimize your meta description, so that your page can gain vital positions for that particular query . SEO optimization of the meta description .

What are the 10 SEO rules for a perfect meta description?

Well, now the world Saudi Arabia Telegram Number Data of meta descriptions really has no more secrets for you. However, it remains to be discovered what are the rules to follow to create effective meta descriptions, capable of raising the CTR of your portal. Are you ready? So here are 10 SEO techniques for your meta descriptions: Aim for a length between 160 and 320 characters . A text that is too short will not be able to exploit the full potential of this tag, ending up not passing all the necessary information to the user; if more complete meta descriptions appear in adjacent positions on the SERP , users will most likely choose those.

Summarize the content of your pages

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Google sees your Philippines phone number database meta description.  As a preview of your page, and so do your potential users. What you need to do, therefore, is use this space to comprehensively and completely summarize the content of your pages. Mandatory presence of the keyword . Just like the title of the page, the meta description must absolutely contain the chosen keyword . You might wonder why this rule is, having previously read that the meta description has no direct influence on ranking. Well, the presence of the keyword is important because . Google will in any case look for it within the text to put it in bold in . The SERP , so as to highlight the relevance of your page.


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