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Each meta description must be unique

As with the title tags and more generally the site texts, the meta descriptions must not be repeated between one page and another. Persuade the audience, but don’t overdo it ! The preview should be inviting and appetizing, but not excessive. You remember that earlier I explained why users’ expectations should not be disappointed, right? Don’t be lazy: avoid auto-generated meta descriptions . Luckily this option is little used, but someone perseveres! In fact, some CMS offer the possibility of using automatic meta descriptions, which however are anything but user friendly. Don’t be too general . Is your web page about a novel by Gabriel García Márquez?

In your preview you will not have to talk

But rather about that Singapore Telegram Number Data specific novel. In this article am I talking about meta descriptions? Well, in the preview of this page I won’t talk about web marketing in vague terms, but instead I will point the finger at this precise topic! Check your competitors’ meta descriptions . Most likely you are not the first to create a page on that specific topic: even if it were a page that deals with a marginal topic in a niche sector, someone has almost certainly already done something similar. Go check their meta description , and create a better one, capable of demonstrating the superiority of your content. Add a date . Users are looking for useful, well-written, and recent content.

How can you demonstrate the freshness of your pages already at SERP level

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You can enter the Polish phone number database date of the last update in the meta description! Use an outline . Users carry out a search on Google to satisfy a need, to answer a specific question. This is why using a highly explanatory answer scheme can certainly help you attract the favor of surfers. What about meta descriptions with Bing? We are used to doing SEO thinking only and exclusively about Google . But there are also other search engines , some of which are widely used. Let’s take Bing for example : Microsoft ‘s search engine has never achieved the desired results, but this does not mean it should be underestimated. In the USA, for example, Bing is used by one in 3 people, while in Italy it is used by one in 10 people. Sure, it’s a low percentage, but you don’t want to close the door in the face of one customer out of ten, do you? I’m sure not.


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