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The robots file as a traffic light indicating closed doors

I’d say everything is clear up to this point, right? Put very simply, we could look at  – but, as we will see, not locked – accompanied, in some cases, by some open doors. Do you want to silence some directories or pages? The robots.txt helps you suggest to Big G how to appear on Google . If you have read my previous articles on SEO optimization you have already understood that search engines, when they index the sea of ​​sites that are online, do not randomly look here and there. No sir: they instead focus on certain particularly descriptive and representative elements such as the title tag , headings tags such as the h1 tag and so on.

Before doing any other steps, the crawlers quickly read

From this you should Greece Telegram Number Data already understand that this text file is really essential for the indexing of your website , because it is precisely from this reading that search engines create the list of URLs to index . Ok, I see that the fog around the robots.txt is slowly starting to clear. You will see that, in a few paragraphs, there will be a beautiful clear sky. Go on? But… is it really mandatory to have the robots.txt file? Yes, I imagine you are wondering: but is the robots.txt file really necessary?

It is natural to ask ourselves this question,

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Because we are Jamaica phone number database fundamentally lazy and, if we do not concretely grasp.  The purpose of an action, if we do not understand that it is truly obligatory.  Then we do not find the desire to carry it out. For this reason I want to immediately remove any doubts and make you immediately operational by telling you that yes.  The robots.txt is truly mandatory . You cannot do without it. If you want to increase visits to the site, blocking the door to . Google ‘s crawler would in fact represent a big, huge mistake. The reason is simple: a crawler that arrives on a site and does not find this file automatically assumes that everything in that portal is public, and that therefore all pages must be scanned and indexed , with the bad consequences that I will explain later. Well, now you understand that you just can’t do without this file.


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