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The negative points Limited connectivity to other tools.

CamScanner Access CamScanner on Android Access CamScanner on iOS CamScanner turns your smartphone into a powerful mobile scanner that scans any document and saves it. Thanks to OCR automated character recognition technology, the application makes the scanned file editable: photograph the document and it takes care of the rest! The positive points Powerful OCR scanner at your fingertips Practical and accessible everywhere The negative points Only in English 6. MindMeister MindMeister Access MindMeister on Android Access MindMeister on iOS MindMeister is a 100% online mind mapping application. Whether in a meeting.

Taking notes or planning your projects, you can capture.

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Development and share your ideas into engaging and interactive mind maps with your peers. The positive points Ideas in collaborative mind maps Multi-support TG Number List and integrable with other tools The negative points Free plan limited to 3 mind maps 7. Slack Slack Access Slack on Android Access Slack on iOS Slack is a collaborative messaging service that integrates with your usual professional tools. It allows you to collaborate and communicate easily as a team by organizing your discussion flows by project, by theme, by team or according to your needs.

The positive points Robust and multifunctional messaging Integration of 10 tools in free plan The negative points Seems bulky for first use 8.

Toggle Toggle Access Toggl on Android Access Toggl on iOS Toggl is a simple time tracking app to track time spent in meetings, client work, or Umm Data any other task outside or in the office. Use it to track your billable hours and generate periodic reports. The positive points Ideal for managing your working time Simple, practical and accessible everywhere The negative points Limited mobile compatibility Somewhat high prices 9. Zapier Zapier Access Zapier Zapier is a task automation web service that integrates with over 1,000 apps to automate your actions across the ones you use.


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