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The implementation of Google AMP

As well as the transition to HTTPS, is in my opinion a must for most sites. In fact, you should know that search engines (and in particular Google which created this project) tend and will increasingly tend to discard those sites that are slow and not optimized for mobile devices. If you can’t implement the Google AMP protocol because your website, blog or portal suffers from technical complications and you want to exploit the web to find new customers and do business… well, you definitely have to address the problem, okay?

The Google AMP protocol marked a turning point in terms of speed,

Resource saving and Job Seekers Number Data usability. In fact, it improves all these aspects in one fell swoop. And you, what are you waiting for? Have you implemented Google AMP on your site? No? Run, it’s already late! Why is my site not indexed on Google ? Why doesn’t my site appear in search engines ? Or again… Google can’t find my site! I’ll reassure you right away: these are very typical questions. But if you want to gain traffic from search engines , receive leads, and perhaps sell your products or services, you need to make sure your pages are indexed correctly.

As I wrote in the SEO Guide that you can find by clicking here ,

Special Data

Indexing a site is Uganda WhatsApp Number Database essential: for this very reason I will now show you – step by step – how to index your site, checking that everything is ok, how to facilitate indexing for crawlers and, last but not least basically, how to take care of indexing just like a real, super skilled SEO expert would do, through invaluable tips that cost me hundreds of hours of work and research. index a site: freshly indexed pages are the best According to an interesting research conducted by Aj Kohn on blindfiveyearsold.com, indexing a site well and consistently is crucial because “fresh” pages are a source of greater attention from Google .


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