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SEO techniques that you already use today to position your website well at desktop and mobile search levels. Tip #1: Aim for Featured Snippets The first thing you need to do, in addition to working hard to reach the desired Zero position, is to optimize all the schema.org structured data as best as possible soas to show yourself to users with a Featured Snippet which, in turn, can be conveniently used by Google services for Voice Search (currently, more than 40% of voice searches are resolved through a Featured Snippet ). But be careful, I want to be honest right from the start: there is no real predefined, precise and certain SEO technique for obtaining a Featured Snippet.

These are not individual aseptic keywords ,

No, they are often real questions, long Italy WhatsApp Number Data tail keywords worthy of the name. And as SEO related to long tail keywords explains to us , good practice in this case is to use those same text strings in your SEO copywriting . My advice, therefore, is to query the legendary portal answerthepublic.com regarding the keyword we are working on, find out which questions are most used by users and use them in our contents, even better if also included at heading level .

For this reason, once a query has been identified,

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Your web pages must Benin phone number database provide a clear, precise and short answer . I’ll tell you: analyzing the Featured Snippets currently visible on  . Google’s SERP, it seems that responses in the form of bulleted lists are particularly popular. What’s more: detailed analyzes reveal that Voice Search responses are on average around forty words long . Featured snippet average length And then, what else do you have to give to earn the Zero position? Well, you have to work perfectly from an SEO point of view, in general.


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