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Practically anyone could do it

. But wait, don’t you already have the robots.txt file? Well, finding out is not difficult at all. In fact, I’ll tell you more:, type the name of your domain and add the string “robots.txt”, Do you get a blank page with these words. Then it means that your robots.txt file actually already exists and that all you have to do is modify it properly. How do I edit a robots.txt file? The first thing to do is download your robots.txt file (using an FTP server for example) and open it with Notepad or another text editor. Once you have made the necessary changes, simply upload the new version to your server. And how do you create a robots.txt file from scratch?

If you haven’t found any robots.txt file in your domain,

Then you absolutely need Iraq Telegram Number Data to create one: create a text file, insert the directives according to your needs and upload it immediately under the root directory of your website. Be careful, crawlers will recognize your file (and therefore use it) only if it is called robots.txt. Names like “ilmiorobots.txt” are not suitable and neither is “Robots.txt” with a capital letter, as the file name is case-sensitive . So, please, write everything in lower case! Want a basic example of a robots.txt file? Here it is: User-agent: As you have probably already understood, the robots.txt file above (without any specifications) gives free access to your entire website.

Which, however, is not a good idea, so much so

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That even Google in its Italian phone number database guidelines reminds us to ” do not allow the entire website to be crawled “. Everyone who hangs out in.  The SEO world knows well that, in those rare cases in which . Google goes unbalanced in this way, it is really worth listening to it! Remember the crawl budget I told you about above. Here, let’s make sure we don’t waste it. How can you be sure you have created an effective robots.txt file? Well, now you may have finished your robots.txt by inserting all the various disallows and allows. How can you be sure you’ve done a good job? Well, luckily for you, you don’t have to rely on chance or pray to the deity of SEO – which I really don’t know what that might be.


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