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People are willing to arrive on your home page starting from Google

Then when they see that internal navigation is slow – or rather, not fast – they immediately get impatient and abandon your portal. Are you surprised? Admit it, you do it too. There is nothing more boring and annoying than waiting for a page to load! To speed up websites, Google has invented a technology within everyone’s reach, it’s called Mobile Pages . Here you will find my personal in-depth analysis in which I explain how to implement it: Google AMP Build a user-friendly architecture.

Do you know how the architecture of a website appreciated

Well, strange but true, search South Africa WhatsApp Number Data engines appreciate the same architectures that users like. A further step in this SEO strategy is therefore to design a site where navigation is simple and fluid, without the possibility of getting lost between the pages or not finding a given element. Do you want to understand exactly how to build an SEO structure for your website? Read more: SEO Architecture, how to organize your company website and position 99% of your keywords.

This same “easy” structure will also allow search engines

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To move easily between your El Salvador phone number database pages and index them better and faster yes, even crawlers appreciate simple and immediate architectures!. Eliminate obstacles and distortions Do you want to see your SEO performance improve? Well, in addition to making your site mobile-friendly , in addition to structuring. It to easily accommodate users and speed it up. You must also eliminate any possible hindrance, whether small or large.


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