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Social networks are an excellent tool for generating traffic: already in 2014 they generated a total of almost 35% of incoming traffic on websites. It therefore goes without saying that, if the goal is to increase visits to your site, you should have already done what I am about to reveal yesterday. increase visits to your blog with social media If you want to gain traffic to the site by automating the process of publishing on social media, the right tool for you is called PostPickr . Already in its free version PostPickr allows you to automate publications on Facebook group, Facebook page, Facebook profile, Linkedin, Telegram, Twitter and Instagram!

Yes, you understood correctly:

You can manage all BTC Users Number Data these social networks from a single command bridge! use postpickr to increase traffic to the site with social media Thanks to this software you can organize the publication of your posts on all social networks, at the times and days you prefer, in a cyclical, continuous and incredibly organized way. publish on social networks automatically to increase traffic to the site Remember: those who follow you on social media enjoy receiving your updates Among all the interesting features made available by PostPickr (a lot), one of my favorites is the address books. By adding your posts to the columns you can create truly automatic publication cycles, thus increasing the exposure of your posts on social media and therefore visits to your website.

Let’s go with an  Tell the truth, you like examples, don’t you?

Special Data

Ok, so let’s say your Venezuela WhatsApp Number Database blog has 3 categories. Social media marketing, SEO and Landing Page. Once you have connected all the social networks to your project on . PostPickr, all you have to do is program the time and day for each column. Monday at 2pm and Thursday at 10pm. SEO column Wednesday at 10pm and Saturday at 2pm: Social Media Marketing column Friday at 2pm and Tuesday at 10pm: Landing page At this point . Post Pickr will start cyclically with publications. This will significantly increase the exposure of your articles to your audience . Who will finally have more than one chance to stay updated on your publications. Be careful. To restart the publication of your evergreen posts from scratch.  You need to flag the “Leave content in address book” field.


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