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It should be underlined that when dealing with Google

It is not uncommon to find yourself having to correct what was allowed, if not even recommended, until a few months earlier. Let’s take long tail keywords for example : some time ago it was not uncommon to come across online SEO guides that recommended using them to create particularly powerful and targeted title tags . Since the introduction of Rank Brain , however, it has been realized that this technique could be seen as forced. Since then, long tail keywords have tended to be used as part of the title tag, not as a standalone title tag. Another unconscious mistake is to create title tags the same as those of other competitors.

Let’s think of a page that contains an SEO guide:

The temptation to Mexico Telegram Number Data simply title it ” SEO Guide ” would be very strong, but how many other competitors will have already created pages with the same title? Look at this SERP . Which of the top 3 results immediately and first catches your attention? google seo guide In short, it is always better to focus on originality , also because Google wants to offer the best services to its users if it therefore refuses to accumulate a series of results with the same titles on its first page.

You want to have a good chance of positioning your content well on Google,

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My dispassionate Norway phone number database advice is to carefully check. What your competitors have done before deciding which title tag to use. Improve your title SEO. Over time The beauty of SEO is that there is always the opportunity to improve and improve. The title tag is not like a diamond: it is not forever. This means that you can return to the title after some time to optimize it further. But certainly not by chance, nor by following pure and simple instinct. Optimizing an SEO element of our article after publishing it gives us the opportunity to check which searches our article works best for and move accordingly. Let’s say I wrote a post with the title tag “10 tips for pasta carbonara”.


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