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What is the fundamental contribution that

All nice, but. how does the SEO team increase the visibility of a brand, in practice? Do you think that the SEO team of a large company behaves in the same way as. The freelancer who dedicates an hour a day to optimizing the site to increase its visibility? Well, basically it is like this, in the sense that the underlying thought is the same. However, there are some important differences. In the case of large brands that can boast a dedicated SEO team, we are talking about websites with tons of daily traffic, thousands and thousands of visitors per day. This, in fact, enhances the role of SEO. With these numbers it paradoxically becomes easier to experiment with various positioning techniques.

Dealing with SEO in a large company,

Within a large team, means UK Telegram Number Data moving in an environment that changes very quickly, or rather, that grows quickly. And SEO will have to grow accordingly, at the same pace. So what does an SEO team need to work on to grow a business? Ok, we’ve gotten to the crux of the matter. Anyone who is not completely new to these topics knows very well what tasks need to be completed to improve the SEO of a website. But to concretely understand what the role of SEO is within a broader and more complex growth process, it is necessary to separate this work into its fundamental steps.

I am referring to 5 different steps: Find the most effective keywords

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Do you know what your South Africa phone number database target audience is looking for? Do you know what your potential customer writes in the Google bar when they search for products or information related to your sector? This is the first question for those involved in SEO. From here you understand how to move and what the actual maneuvering possibilities are. SEO audits . When it comes to SEO there is always something else to do.with such high figures, in fact, you will immediately understand what works, what doesn’t work and what instead damages the company website. But if this aspect is easier to manage, everything else is much more complicated.


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