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So, for the search engine , what problems can afflict a site with incorrect pagination? Possible problems resulting from bad pagination Duplicate Content : Incorrect pagination is the main cause of the infamous duplicate content . The problem is that paginations tend to reproduce what already exists in other parts of the site such as the homepage , category pages, archive or tag pages. With pagination you tend to create pages that the search engine can easily mistake for duplicate content. Thin Content : another risk you run if pagination has not been divided correctly is the creation of hundreds of relatively useless pages full of obsolete, duplicated and of little relevance content. Crawling problems : pagination, when too complex, can also cause severe crawling and therefore indexing problems .

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The more authoritative Germany WhatsApp Number Data the site is (and based on other factors). If your site has a tremendous amount of paginated content, the chances of the bot going to the bottom of the list and indexing it all decrease significantly. Juice Dilution : The concept of “juice ” is too complex to cover here. Let’s just say that if pagination is done poorly it causes an excessive dilution of the authority of the pages within it, and this prevents the bot from understanding what is really important to position. SEO Best Practices for pagination As you may have guessed, pagination can be a really tough nut to crack .

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concerns practically every site, with Armenia phone number database the exception of single-page ones. At this point you’re wondering what you can do to tame the beast, right? So I’ll tell you something straight away: Recent studies have shown that getting up from your chair and hitting the wall does not seem to be the most effective approach to solving SEO problems related to pagination. So, if this is the solution you were thinking of… better leave it alone! Luckily there are alternatives. I warn you, this is a bit technical stuff. However, you can do it too.


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