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What you need to do is not intervene directly on it

Rather you need to optimize some aspects of the site and then see how the Crawl Budget responds . How to monitor the Crawl Budget Once you have implemented the improvements you are about to learn about, you can monitor the bot’s activity on the site thanks to the search console, here are the crawl statistics that will tell you: KB downloaded every day Pages analyzed Time taken for the operation Crawl budget analysis on google search console If you have a higher number of scans than pages, it means that Google communicates very well with the site and takes you into high regard. Improve Crawling in 5 Steps What aspects of your site, if optimized, will lead to an excellent crawling budget? In these 5 steps I will explain how to intervene on-site and off-site to make Googlebot fall in love.

Please note: just remember not to overdo it or push the flirtation further

You probably have a partner  Canada WhatsApp Number Data girlfriend and I wouldn’t want him to come knocking on my door armed with bad intentions since I’m the one who introduced you to these techniques . Question of Quality and Frequency A fresh site is a site that Google likes. Update it! The frequency of publication is a factor that should not be overlooked, but don’t focus on quantity . Publish the right amount, but always quality content. Posting helps get the bot’s attention, but equally updating old content helps you stay attractive .

For this reason, pages like this should absolutely be avoided:

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Duplicate content 404 errors Hacked Afghanistan Phone Number Database Pages Spam Service information . You must be the one to indicate the best path to the bot. You can also do this through the robots.txt file where you can establish which pages Googlebot will have to ignore by placing them in Have you done a lot of SEO copywriting generating a decent number of pages? Most likely the time has come to focus on pagination , i.e. those “list” pages that collect and organize all your articles. Few know the true meaning of the term pagination and even fewer know how important it really is for good SEO .


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