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Keyword: on average, voice queries are made up of 2.3 words

Conclusions Are you ready to prepare your futuristic SEO strategy and optimize your web pages for Voice Search? Today this is certainly not a pressing need . But, given the data in hand, it will most likely become so tomorrow, or at most the day after tomorrow. And, as we have seen, optimizing your website from a Voice Search perspective actually means improving your positioning on Google regardless , both on the desktop and on the mobile front… in short, it’s really all a gain! I’ll tell you right away: link building should be done by professionals. If you improvise using techniques like the one I’m about to tell you about, the likelihood of ruining your site’s trust forever is really just around the corner.

I want to share with you one of the most powerful techniques

In fact, today I’m talking to you – in Lebanon WhatsApp Number Data a simple and “introductory” way – about a widely used SEO technique which has rather remote origins: Private Blog Networks (PBNs) or blogs of private networks, a topic about which they will never tell you anything during a SEO consultancy . How do you say, you’ve never heard of it? Are you really telling me that, nowadays, you don’t know what a PBN is? Well then, welcome to the real (and gloomy) world of the SEO consultant , that is, to that underworld of sites forced up by off-page optimization experts with the sole purpose of link building towards a specific main site.

Did you want proof that SEO

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When it comes to techniques Brazilian phone number database to increase site visits, are basically bad people? You couldn’t understand why Google keeps building new algorithms to make life more difficult for optimization people? Here, PBNs are a good starting point to understand all this. Well yes, SEOs are those who run out of toilet paper and don’t replace it.  Those who tell children that Santa Claus doesn’t exist and not even the , those who never like your photos and posts on Facebook, and yes, they are also the ones who build PBNs to improve the ranking of a website.


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