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SEO optimization page formatting the presence of banners in that position

Google tends to judge “ok” the use of banners that are not too invasive such as those on the side or at the bottom. But it certainly doesn’t like those at the top at title level. Which almost seem like a stretch, a kind of attack on of users. Will in fact be a disadvantage, as could poor formatting, the use of awkward fonts or too bright colors, etc. Once this is done you can move on to evaluating the concrete optimization of a page from an SEO point of view .

Rather thanks to its Domain Authority

As I told you a few UAE WhatsApp Number Data paragraphs above, it is in fact possible that a URL is positioned very high on Google not so much because of its optimized content . This means that, when it comes to SEO technique, you can do better. And I’m not speaking in general terms, no, I’m telling you to identify your competitor’s shortcomings. Let’s look at the example above. For the keyword ‘how to lighten your hair’ the very first result comes from the Cliomakeup.com blog . Well, I must say that the work done in this case is excellent, but not perfect: for example the keyword appears in the meta description, it appears in the title tag, but it does not appear in the URL .

The SEO deficiencies of competitor sites In your table,

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Therefore, you can enter a Ghana phone number database rating from 1 to 5 for the SEO efforts of your competitors. In the case of Cliomakeup.com, a good 4 is certainly due. You can aim to do even better. And think that this is only the first of the SERP results ! Is the content new? It’s true, there are “evergreen” contents that can be valid even if they were written 15 years ago.  Others that become obsolete after a few months. I would say that, given the continuous progress in the cosmetic field, a certain update could be expected for the keyword ‘how to lighten hair’ . Content dating back to 2012, therefore, may very well be marked as ‘old’ in your table.


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