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Now you need to find out the age of the sites analyzed

Think you’re done? Nope, we’re only at the beginning. Go to and paste the list of domains in the column of your Excel file. SEO strategy: check BULK domain age Then note the seniority of each domain. Let’s move on to the next step. Now we will analyze the number of words contained in each single page. No, don’t worry, you won’t have to count them one by one, or paste every single content into your Word! To do this analysis we will use Word Counter, one of my favorite online tools. Go here and enter the addresses in one at a time  use word counter to calculate the number of words in a web page The next step is among the slowest. In fact, you have to analyze each URL one by one and see if it contains media of some kind.

Images, videos, infographics and so on

No, in this case Turkey WhatsApp Number Data there are no tools that work. You have to do it, with your eyes and with your mouse. SEO strategy: identify SEO images Then add another column to your table in which you will specify the presence of media and, possibly, their type. Another step, this one faster. For each URL under your lens, identify the existence of any external links – which, as you know, serve to improve the user’s level of trust, as well as the quality of the content. TIPS: If you want to speed up this step

I recommend installing the “External Followed Link Highlighter”

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Extension on Chrome German phone number database through which you will be able to immediately see any external follow links highlighted. SEO strategy: extension to identify outgoing external links Well, we’ve reached the point where you have to ask yourself: how are we doing when it comes to design? That’s right, with a fundamentally critical eye you have to look at the graphic performance of your competitors’ pages. And mind you, it’s not enough to limit yourself to the aesthetic factor! Think, for example, about the presence of advertising banners within the page.


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