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Do you have a slow site and would like to finally make it fast? Try Google AMP , the project made in Google with which you can make your website a sliver in a few simple steps: Google AMP The fact is simple: mobile users are on the move, doing other things, and have no time to waste. It is certainly no coincidence that, as Google itself states, bounce rates on mobile are almost 10% higher. Do you want Google to consider your site to present it as a result for Voice Search? Well, then work on your page speed! Tip 4.  Protect your users with HTTPS (obviously) I assume you have already heard of the HTTPS protocol , i.e. the Hyper Text Transfer Protocol over Secure Socket .

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The HTTPS protocol can Korea WhatsApp Number Data give a website a boost – albeit minimal – in terms of positioning. The HTTPS protocol, in fact, can therefore be considered as an SEO factor. But can this data also influence Voice Search? Can switching to HTTPS help you in this regard too? Well, starting from the assumption that over 70% of Google’s first page results on desktop are equipped with HTTPS, it should be underlined that 90.4% of Voice Search results are equipped with it  Well, certainly those who take the trouble to switch to HTTPS are more likely to spend time and resources to have excellent copy and good optimization.

The fact remains that the gap between

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The first 10 Google results Bosnia and Herzegovina phone number database and those who are instead chosen for . Voice Search is notable, and therefore can hardly be solely a consequence of this correlation. Tip 5: Other important factors to optimize your website for voice searches Then there are other important SEO factors that seem to be considered in a special way by Google when it comes to Voice Search.


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