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Speed ​​is an integral part of and influences your site’s ranking factors

So how can we work with on-page SEO to ensure that pages load as quickly as possible? Some basic checks which however . I continue to find out of place in 90% of the sites for which they ask me for advice Reduce the images to the size you need and make sure to compress them so they take up as little space as possible. Do the same with CSS and Javas cript and if you don’t know how to do it, let Google help you! Few people know but Google Page speed offers you all the optimized files, all you have to do is take them and replace them with the original ones. Go to Google page speed   URL of the page you want to analyze and click on ANALYZE seo on page google page speed tool.

Page speed will inform you about what needs to be changed in

The following screen Chinese Overseas British Number Data where. If you go down you will find a link with everything you need ready and done! seo on page google files . All it takes is one click to have all the files needed for that page optimized to perfection on your desktop. Now all you have to do is replace them with the originals and you will immediately have your page decidedly faster. Check the language declaration. This tag is used to declare the language of your site and must be inserted directly on the “html” tag of the page. If you tell Google that your site is in English, while your content is in Italian, you are definitely not starting off on the right foot, ok?

You have no idea how many people make this simple mistake

Special Data

So make sure that Turkish WhatsApp Number Database the HTML sheet declaration. Is correct for the language in which you publish. Use the “hrflang” tag correctly for on-page SEO of multilingual websites . If you have a multilingual site, your on-page . SEO must necessarily take the “hreflang” tag into account. What purpose does it serve? The hreflang tag informs Google about the address to consider in a specific language. This special anchor model must always be inserted in the header before the body but can also be used to specify that a document. For example PDF.  Is in a specific language. Here you can find the official information in Italian on this and.  My advice is to take a look at it if you have a multilingual site. Do you have doubts about the correct implementation of this tag? Since this is an important element for your on-page SEO.


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